Volunteer Forms

Log Hours

Have you spent time working with us this past month? We would greatly appreciate it if you could let us know how much time you have put towards the series. Log your hours here.

Volunteer Application

Are you interested in volunteering? From mentoring to office work and everything in between, there is plenty of room available for you! Unsure where you fit in? Fill out a volunteer form and allow us to help you find the perfect fit in our program.

Photography Release

We love to take photos! Whether you help out during classes, or choose to help with odds and ends at the office, we want people to know what our volunteers are doing. If you could, we would greatly appreciate you signing a photo release so we could take photos of all the hard work you do.

Confidentiality Statement

At the Women’s Empowerment Series, we want everyone to feel comfortable sharing their story. With this we want to make sure anything that is shared in class, one-on-one to a mentor, or other volunteers remains confidential. We ask that all of our women and volunteers sign a confidentiality statement ensuring that all information given is kept private and within the series.