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12 Week Series

A springboard for the year-round services WES offers, the Empowerment Series is a program that covers a variety of topics, a mentorship program, and the building blocks to set our participants up for success through the rest of our program


This program covers a variety of topics including, but not limited to, mental and physical health, codependency, learned behaviors, addictions, self-love, trauma-informed parenting, career readiness, healthy relationships, and more. 


This program includes a hand-picked mentor to accompany participants through the classes they will attend. The weekly classes can be emotionally taxing so the role of our mentors is to guide, support, and create a long-lasting relationship with their mentees. When undergoing a life-changing journey, it’s important to have a strong support system and positive role models with whom our participants can build trust and rapport. Our mentorship program is what sets us apart from other organizations.

Kids Crew

We offer childcare and activities for participants’ children while they are attending class. Aimed to mirror what their mothers are learning in class, our Kids Crew is focused on providing children with valuable resources and tools to set them up for success and connect with their mothers on content and invite them to ask questions. 

Teen Classes

Provided by Life Enforcement, teens can attend a class focused on finding new and creative ways to inspire those of us in the community to get involved in giving back, learning important life skills, and building a better quality of life for all.

Empowerment Project

This 6-week program was inspired by the Empowerment Series. Various important self-growth topics are demonstrated through this in-person or virtual class that is not limited to women of WES, but partnered with other organizations in Fond du Lac and various communities in the surrounding area.


Topics for this class include a focus of Self Awareness, healing from the past, learning to love yourself, and taking control of your life BACK.

Volunteer Work Program

Participants will have the opportunity to explore different career paths, not only to find gainful employment but to find a career path that will embolden their future choices.  They will volunteer for WES and gain important qualities for a competitive resume.


Through the Volunteer Work Program, participants will build their resumes, gain experience, obtain solid references, and have specified training opportunities including, but not limited to, child care, basic computer skills, cleaning services, administrative services, and more.

Volunteer Hours & Points

Participants will have the opportunity to volunteer for WES and practice their skills while also gaining volunteer hours for a competitive resume.

Volunteer hours will earn participants “points” which they can spend on various items at WES such as household goods, Christmas Gifts for their children, or self-care items for themselves!

Empowerment Exchange

A completely virtual series, Empowerment Exchange hosts multiple speakers from around the country to share on topics ranging from Surviving a Collective Trauma to Family Dynamics and Relationships. This program is not only open to our participants and volunteers, but is a public event open to anyone who tunes in!

View below our Speaker for March 2021

From Surviving to Thriving: Life Beyond the Pandemic

Kaitlyn Kenealy

We Survived a Collective Trauma:

A licensed professional counselor, Kaitlyn will help us understand trauma, look into trauma symptoms, and healthy ways to cope! 


Erin Flood

Commitment, Consistency and Confidence:

What does it look like to answer the call to be the leader of your life? Erin will focus on how we can use leadership principles to confidentiality find a path to the life we know we are capable of leading! 

Ashley Kohen

Loss and Gain: Not All Storms Come to Disrupt Your Life; Some Come to Clear Your Path

Ashley will discuss how closing the chapter of loss and pain allows us room for trust and magic of new beginnings. By sharing her own story and practices that worked for her in her darkest days, we will get new ideas on how to find the gain in loss. 

Dr. Clark Ausloos

Dr. Clark Ausloos will use his expertise to explore what families might be experiencing now, after enduring a pandemic for the past year. He will share strategies and tips to assist in supporting yourself and your family; ways to reduce stress, improve interpersonal communication at home and strengthen your own resilience and personal wellness.

Jessica Stickel

Detaching Does a Mind & Heart Good

Jessica, a previous TedX speaker, will discuss the power of detaching with love and that it is available for all of us to do. Whether we need to detach from a parent, a position, a partnership or a place, Jessica will teach you how to use this amazing tool! 

Kids & Teens

Between classes for kids and teens during the 12-Week Empowerment Series, and a variety of mini-classes throughout the year, kids and teens will have many opportunities to get involved and empowered, too! 

Mini Classes

Mini-classes including art therapy, music, wellness, safety and more allow kids and teens to continue learning throughout the year.

Kids Crew

Mirrored classes during the Empowerment Series allow a way for children and their mother to connect and discuss what they learned in class.

So Much More

This is just a glimpse into all that Women’s Empowerment Series has to offer! We provide guidance and resources in every area of the lives of women and children we serve and sustain a support system year-round.

Blossoming Sisterhood

This program was created for our applicants who have not been accepted into the series. Blossoming Sisterhood provides women with resources and support to help get them to a point in their lives where they will be a favorable candidate to participate in a future series.


Women who have graduated from the Empowerment Series stay connected through various alumni opportunities, gatherings and projects.

Classes Throughout the Year

WES offers a variety of classes, both virtual and in-person, throughout the year. Classes range from How to Budget or Time Management to Mindfulness or Grieving Through the Holidays.