The Women’s Empowerment Series has found a new home — one rooted in family.

The program — which helps women who have struggled with various issues, such as domestic violence, addiction, poverty, sexual assault, and lost children, to become empowered through classes and support — is, as of Aug. 1, part of the Goebel Family Foundation after two years with Fond du Lac County.

“It’s really about that systemic change. It’s not just about the mom. It’s about those four kids at home. It’s about the families you’re going to forever change and those kids that learn those life skills to help them be preventive so they aren’t in the Women’s Empowerment Series in the future. Though, if they are, that’s okay, because they understand our core values…”

Theresa Menting, Women’s Empowerment Series Founder on the importance of the program in our community

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