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HER THEME JERSEY benefiting We EmpowHER

HER Day 2024

Date: Saturday, March 2nd

Time: 12:45PM – 4:00PM

Location: Oshkosh Arena | 1212 S Main St, Oshkosh, WI

Cost: This is a FREE conference provided by We EmpowHER!


Keynote Speaker | 12:45 PM - 1:30 PM

Keynote Speaker

Ali Starr | Tashi Deley | Motivational Speaker

Hello There, my name is Ali Starr, the first thing I would like you to know about me is I love my husband Jeff with every ounce of my being! I love golfing, fishing, creating arts and crafts, and having dance parties with my children Penelope (PJ- 8), Vincent (Vinny-11), Ava  (Jo-Jo 16) and Lilly (Hammer – 17).

 I “get to” work for an organization called Tashi Deley (Ta-She Delay). It is a Tibet greeting that means “I honor the greatness within you.” To me Tashi Deley is a movement, a way of being more so than a business! I am on a mission to ignite 7.7 billion heartbeats to connect deep within and inspire greatness within others. 

Throughout all of my different careers, one thing has remained consistent; when people show up in a way they are proud of, anything is possible! When those in leadership roles make the people they serve their top priority, everyone wins! 

My leadership style is one of self-awareness, self-discovery, empowerment, candor, and unconditional love. I firmly believe leading yourself is the top priority and a lifelong journey, not a destination. I live by the motto “who you are is good enough, don’t ever stop creating the next best version of yourself. It feels great to grow.” Tashi Deley!

Breakout Session #1 | 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Nothing Left To Lose: Fulling Your Purpose

Keziah Love | Healing Scars Inc. | Audacious Healing LLC | Licensed Psychotherapist

In this empowering talk, “Nothing Left To Lose: Fulfilling Your Purpose,” the focus will be on mental health, trauma, resilience, self-esteem, confidence, and overcoming. Discussion of the importance of addressing and prioritizing mental health, especially for women who may have experienced trauma or faced challenges. The talk will highlight the power of resilience and how it can help women overcome obstacles and find their purpose. Emphasizing the significance of building self-esteem and confidence, the speaker will provide practical strategies and tools for personal growth and empowerment. The goal is to inspire and motivate women to embrace their inner strength, overcome adversity, and live a fulfilling life aligned with their true purpose.

How to Go from Goal Setter to Goal Getter

Mindi Huebner | Intuitive Mindset Mastery Coach | IBCP Certified NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist


Traditional goal setting is missing THE essential ingredient, the power of your subconscious mind. Learn the practical steps aka the secret sauce to launch your goals into reality, while creating success on your own terms.

Unlock the Power of Relational Intelligence – Know your Communication Code

Kimberly Galske | Rewired Dynamics | Co-Founder & President


Understand the power dynamics of an interaction to eliminate the fear of honest conversation.
You will have the ability to connect and communicate effectively with your team, your family, and your friends.

Igniting Your Spark: Breaking the Back Burner Cycle

Alecia Jacobson | Alecia Jacobson Coaching | Keynote Speaker | Workshop Facilitator


Women are often in the Back Burner Cycle without even knowing it, which leads to overwhelm, getting lost in other peoples’ needs and reducing the impact they make in the world. Participants will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of this cycle in themselves, and will gain valuable tools to break free from it, tend to their own needs, reduce exhaustion and ignite their personal spark.

Breakout Session #2 | 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

The Power of Yes

Kaela Gedda | Rise Leadership Circle | Ontological Life Coach


We often get stopped from having our dreams because of circumstances like overwhelm, money, or thinking we need permission. The power of YES is what changes the game and opens doors you may have never even known about.

GEAR Up for Success: Empowering Women to Master Productivity and Mindset in 12 Weeks

Consuela Munoz | Own Your Confidence | Public Speaker | Game Show Host 

“GEAR Up for Success” is an interactive and insightful talk that introduces the GEAR method – a transformative approach to mastering productivity and developing a high-performance mindset. This talk is tailored to inspire women to harness their strengths, set meaningful goals, and achieve remarkable efficiency in both their personal and professional lives.

The Positive Light – Reduce your stress and anxiety and increase your overall happiness

Liz Moldenahuer | Speaker | Coach | Facilitator 

My audience will learn to flip narratives into positives, release inner negativity and train their minds to bring positivity into their life every day using a simple tool called STIR.

EmpowHER Hour Panel

Kim Eschenbauch | Lakeland Care Plus Consulting | Certified Mindfulness Practitioner 

Wendy Babcock | International & TEDx Speaker | Author | Speaker 

Pa Lee Moua, Ph.D. | Schreiber’s Institute for Women’s Leadership | Executive Director 

Kelly Northlee | Founder of Not Your Average Agent | The Kelly Northlee 

Facilitated by:

Ashley Senk | Ashley Senk LLC | Marketing Expert & Strategist



This powerhouse panel of women will share their journey and empower others with their stories, experiences and advice.

Join We EmpowHER and the Wisconsin Herd on Saturday, March 2nd for HER Day, a remarkable event dedicated to celebrating and empowering women. HER Day is an extraordinary opportunity for women to come together, learn, inspire, and grow.

It’s a free event where influential speakers from across Wisconsin will share their expertise and stories to support and uplift women like you. With various breakout rooms covering a wide range of topics, you can customize your experience and select the sessions that resonate with you the most.

Find out more about the Wisconsin Herd Game below! If you purchase tickets from the link (https://fevo-enterprise.com/event/Weempowher), a portion of the ticket sales will go directly to We EmpowHER.

A special thanks to the event sponsors, room sponsors and speakers that are making HER Day possible.  

Support We EmpowHER with Wisconsin HER Night

Join friends, family and supporters of We EmpowHER for a night out with the Herd on Saturday, March 2nd for Wisconsin HER night! The Herd will change its name for one night to the Wisconsin HER to celebrate women’s achievements and women empowerment!









The Wisconsin Herd will team up with BMO for this special themed night that will feature thematic jerseys with the name change. A portion of every ticket sold through our link above will be donated back to We EmpowHER!

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