Women’s Empowerment Series

Sisterhood of women

Women’s Empowerment Series is a year-round program that aims to support women in crisis, major life transitions, or those seeking opportunities for personal growth. By developing self-sufficiency, an understanding of radical self-love, and connections to mentors and community resources, WES aims to ensure a sustainable and secure future for women and their families.

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Through year-round programming, we offer women opportunties for personal growth. Our programs include the 12 Week Series, Empowerment Exchange and so much more.

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Have you been struggling and are looking for a change in life? By becoming a participant, you are committing to participating in classes and programs to learn and grow!


Our organization has a variety of ways you can volunteer. You will be treated as an important part of the organization and be recognized for your contribution! 

Spread Your Wings

Spread Your Wings is the annual fundraising gala that brings awareness and raises critical funds to support women and families in the greater Fond du Lac area. Your support and attendance empowers women to create a secure and sustainable future. Stay tuned for updates and information on the 2022 event!

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With donor support, we are able to serve more women in the greater fond du lac area

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I had zero confidence and no plan before I joined the Women’s Empowerment Series. After the program, I got a decent paying job, left an abusive situation, and am raising my daughter alone. This is the first time I have been able to love myself.

Emily A. | 12 Week Series Graduate